Cultivating Belonging & Equitable Workplace Practices

Weill Cornell Medicine is committed to providing all individuals in our community with a working and learning environment in which they feel respected, comfortable, and secure. Our Cultivating Belonging & Equitable Workplace Practices training is designed to make people more conscious about their behavior both inside and outside of the workplace. This training is offered upon request of a department and can be tailored to their needs. 

Each session covers:

  • An overview of Weill Cornell’s Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment Policy
  • The importance of diversity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace
  • Professional workplace conduct
  • Ways we can encourage courtesy, kindness, and respect among coworkers inside and outside of work

If you would like to request a session for your team, please contact


Weill Cornell Medicine Office of Institutional Equity 575 Lexington Ave, 6th FL New York, NY 10022